Dr. Patrick Ballantyne

Postdoctoral Researcher in Geographic Data Science

I am currently a Postdoctoral Researcher based in the Geographic Data Science Lab at the University of Liverpool, and my research sits at the bridge between the computational and social sciences, with research interests in Retail Geography and Social and Spatial Inequalities.

In an era marked by rapid urbanisation, the rise of digital technologies and pressing social, environmental and economic challenges, there is a pressing need to strengthen our understanding of how cities and places are being impacted and transformed, and how this relates to injustice.

Leveraging advancements in computational research methodologies, coupled with the emergence of new and novel sources of (geographic) data, my research offers critical insights about the dynamics and processes of cities, with a specific emphasis on:

Retail Geographies

Social and Spatial Inequalities

In particular, I am passionate about developing tools and research which foster equality in the city, with a strong emphasis on ensuring all communities have equitable accessibility to everyday services and amenities, fostering more economically and environmentally sustainable retail spaces so that everyone has access to a vibrant space of consumption, and the use of Spatial Data Science techniques and methodologies for delivering such objectives.